Send Customer CSV to Google Sheets

Customers upload their CSV data, map columns, validate data and you get ready to use data in your Google Sheets worksheet.

CSV to Google Sheets 10x Faster

Use the csvbox drop-in widget to collect CSVs from your customers and send the data to your Google Sheets worksheet. Here is how it works.

Define CSV Schema

Define your data model and configure the validation rules with just a few clicks. The fields of your Google Sheets worksheet should match with the columns of your schema.

Configure Google Sheets data destination

Provide access credentials and specify the sheet name in your csvbox dashboard. Add the importer JS snippet in your app and start accepting files.

Users Map Columns

With a simple file picker, the users select a spreadsheet that needs to be uploaded. They then match the file column headers to the predefined data model.

Validate Data

Before submitting the file, the users can fix validation issues right inside the upload widget. This ensures that the uploaded data is clean and ready to use.

Receive data in Google Sheets

Users submit the spreadsheet and monitor the upload. You receive ready-to-use clean data in Google Sheets.

The CSV to Google Sheets Importer

Way more than a file uploader - a complete import service.

Multiple File Types

Accept csv, xlsx and xls - the most common spreadsheet formats.

Column Matching

Let users match the columns of their files with the required data model schema.

Data Validation

Client side validation based on predefined sheet rules allows users to self clean data before upload.

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.

No Code Config

Configure the data model and validation options via dashboard with no change in installed code.

CSV to Google Sheets

Push CSV data directly to your Google Sheets. More destinations coming soon.

Import Links

Share special links to accept files without the need to embed the widget.

Custom Attributes

Attach custom fields such as user_id to the incoming data to identify the users.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.


GDPR ready with built-in product features for greater privacy and data control.

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