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Add a CSV import widget to your app in just a few minutes. Delight your users with a hassle-free spreadsheet upload experience. Get ready-to-use data in your app 10x faster.

Building a CSV Import Tool is Hard

It sucks up valuable engineering time and can still fall short of expectations.

Handle Technical Edge Cases

Writing your own CSV parser is easy, right?

What if there are commas inside the fields? What if there are quotes in the fields? What if there is a new line inside a field? What are the accepted newline characters? How to handle character encoding? What if there is an empty line? What if I put a BOM in my file? What if there is invalid or missing escaping? What if there is double or per column string encoding? What if there are truncated columns? What if file is .xlsx instead of .csv?

Anyone who has tried building a parser knows how hard it is.

Code Advanced Import Features

Making the CSV parser usable needs additional development effort to address the user experience and data validation challenges. The CSV upload can easily fail if there are too many columns or rows, the columns don't match or are in the wrong order, some data is missing or the format is different.

Trying to bake in advanced functionality such as file management, CSV column matching, data validation, error handling, user experience, and security is like building an entirely new product in itself.

Address User Experience

Users expect a seamless CSV import free of complexities. They hate having to read documentation or watch video tutorials on how to format and upload spreadsheets. On top, there are a hundred reasons why the upload can still fail. Empty data, format mismatch, browser memory limits, special characters, large data sets can easily freeze the importer or lead to cryptic fail messages.

A bad upload experience can cause the users to question the value of the main product itself.

Strain on Resources

The support team has to deal with additional tickets from frustrated customers who are struggling with imports. Many times it can lead to your team manually cleaning the data and uploading it to the backend. The problem amplifies if there are multiple touchpoints where users need to submit different spreadsheets.

Is it worth to spend hundreds of dollars in development and support costs for an import function?

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The No Code CSV Importer

Provide a perfect upload experience for your users with two lines of code. Add a robust import functionality without the struggle of having to maintain it.

Get Started in Minutes

Implement a production-ready data importer in minutes, not weeks. Speed data onboarding and customer time-to-value at the same time saving hundreds of dollars.

Create a template

Define your data model and configure the validation rules with just a few clicks.

Configure data destination

Specify where you want to receive the data and in what format. It could be an API, database, or a third-party app.

Embed code

Add the JS snippet in your app and start accepting files. Alternatively, share the sheet Import Link with your users to collect files even without an app.

CSV Uploader that Your Users will Love

Give your users a sophisticated upload experience. Cut inefficiencies and reduce the risk of churn with flawless onboarding.

Pick a file

With a simple file picker, the users select a spreadsheet that needs to be uploaded.

Map columns

Users map the CSV column headers to the predefined data model. End of messy spreadsheet preparation!

Validate data

Before submitting the file, the users can fix validation issues right inside the widget. This ensures that the uploaded data is clean and without formatting errors.


Users submit the spreadsheet and monitor the upload. You receive ready-to-use data in your app, database or API.

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The Out-of-the-Box CSV Import Button

Way more than a file uploader - a complete import service.

Multiple File Types

Accept csv, xlsx and xls - the most common spreadsheet formats.

Column Matching

Let users match the columns of their files with the required data model schema.

Data Validation

Client side validation based on predefined sheet rules allows users to self clean data before upload.

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.

No Code Config

Configure the data model and validation options via dashboard with no change in installed code.


Push CSV data directly to your app via API. More destinations coming soon.

Import Links

Share special links to accept files without the need to embed the widget.

Custom Attributes

Attach custom fields such as user_id to the incoming data to identify the users.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.


GDPR ready with built-in product features for greater privacy and data control.

coming soon

Custom Styles

Personalize the importer with colors and logo of your choice.


Send user-uploaded data to any destination of your choice - DB, GSheets, Zapier etc

Data Transformation

Process & modify the user data with predefined rules before pushing it to the destination.


Experience the importer first hand.

Download file for testing - example.csv

Sheet uploaded successfully!
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5 / 5
Great work on this product! We have spent time building an importer but it is such a pain to maintain and we are looking for a tool like this one.
Dustin Torres - Surefyre
5 / 5
CSVBox has become a key component of our app. Building a data importer was going to take months while now we have a ready importer with all the features that we need. Its a big time saver!
Gaurav Ghatwal - Outlink
5 / 5
I have built csv importers for so many projects and its not fun. Every few days there would be a case where the import failed and we had to manually solve data problems. If I hadn't found csvbox, I would have built it myself.
Ameya - Connectr app

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