CSV Uploader Built for SaaS

Powerful features to help you integrate a perfect CSV upload experience in your app.

CSV Column Mapping

Allow your users to match the file column headers to the predefined data model. CSVbox uses intelligent algorithms to automatically match columns so that the users don't have to. This is the end of import templates and messy column wrangling.

Client Side Validation

Before submitting the file, the users can fix validation issues right inside the upload widget. This ensures that the uploaded data is clean and ready to use.

Data Destinations

Convert cleaned CSV, XLS, TSV files to JSON or XML format and push the data to any API, Database or App or your choice.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete. Receive metadata including custom user attributes to identify the users in your app.

Import Links

Use Import Links to import spreadsheets without a website or app. Create a full import page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers—no code required.

Dynamic Data Model

Do you require a unique sheet template for each user? CSVbox provides the flexibility to add unique dynamic columns for each import at run-time.


Validation Library

The importer comes with a large pool of pre-built validation rules. Set up your data model in minutes without writing any scripts.


Accept spreadsheets programmatically and automate file submissions. More info here.

REST File API.svg

CSV Import Tool & So Much More

Way more than a file importer - a complete import service.

Multiple File Types

Accept csv, xlsx and xls - the most common spreadsheet formats.

Smart Column Matching

Importer deploys fuzzy column mapping to make it easier for your users.

Data Validation

Client side validation based on predefined sheet rules allows users to self clean data before upload.

Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.

No Code Config

Configure the data model and validation options via dashboard with no change in installed code.

Data Destinations

Push CSV data directly to APIs, databases (MySQL, Postgre etc) or apps (Bubble, Zapier etc)

Import Links

Share special links to accept files without the need to embed the widget.

Custom Attributes

Attach custom fields such as user_id to the incoming data to identify the users.

Dynamic Columns

Add new columns at runtime even if they were not defined in the base template.

Multiple Character Sets

The importer supports most commonly used character sets used globally.

Manual Data Entry

The users can add data by manually copy-pasting it from any spreadsheet.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete.

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.


GDPR ready with built-in product features for greater privacy and data control.

Custom Styles

Personalize the importer with colors and logo of your choice.

Error Highlighting

Errors are shown in red. Users can export data to CSV while keeping error highlighting.


Automate CSV submissions via REST API.

Data Transformation

Process & modify the user data with predefined rules before pushing it to the destination.

Mobile Friendly

The importer is designed to be screen responsive. Users can upload files using any device.

Language Localization

Importer available in multiple languages.

Data Residency Options

Configure the location of the data center to comply with regulations.

Private Mode Option

Data does not transit CSVbox servers and does not get stored in our database.

Server Side Validation

Validate data on your server. Report back errors for correction & re-submission.

coming soon

Custom Validation

Validate against custom business rules and external data.


More data destinations (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.)

Auto Correct

Get the validation errors cleaned with 1-click auto fix functionality.


Get notified about the different events in the import lifecycle.


Observe and analyze the user behavior across the different stages of the import process.

Self Hosting

End-to-end “on-prem” deployments for the major cloud providers.

A better experience for your customers,
fewer headaches for your team.