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How does CSVBox compare with OneSchema? What's the best spreadsheet import platform? What is the best alternative to OneSchema? Discover why CSVBox is a great alternative to OneSchema.

Looking for OneSchema alternatives?

OneSchema was founded in 2021 by Christina Gilbert and Andrew Luo. OneSchema's founders have built a great tool that can instantly check for errors in a CSV file and suggests fixes. In a very short time, they have been able to build a data import platform with powerful features.

OneSchema has raised funding from Y Combinator and was part of their S21 batch. Their larger vision is to enable a 1-click transformation of data between any two systems.

CSVBox and OneSchema have many features in common. Still, If you're looking for an alternative to OneSchema, here are some reasons you should consider when looking over Flatfile.

Pricing Transparency


To start with, the pricing is not mentioned on their website. They have lengthy, quotation-based sales processes that require you to signup for a meeting before you can get started. Generally, when pricing isn't public, it's usually eye-wateringly expensive.


We believe pricing should be simple and transparent. It is clearly mentioned on our homepage here. You can quickly get started without the need to talk to a sales rep.

Pricing Plans


OneSchema has steep monthly pricing. If you hate getting attached to products only to discover that you can not get the budget for something then OneSchema is not for you.


Being a bootstrapped startup ourselves, we know the importance of keeping the costs low - and that reflects in our pricing. We have fixed monthly plans starting with as low as $9/month. You'll never have to worry about your bill at the end of every month.



With so many features packed into the importer, it has a steep learning curve for the end-users. Sometimes it can get overwhelming resulting in reduced adoption and increased support tickets.


Intuitive user experience with just enough options to keep it fast and simple.



You need to talk to a salesman before getting started. This means scheduling meetings and answering questions before getting into it.


It is a self-serve, easy-to-get-started modern SaaS tool. No need to wait - simply sign up for free and test it first hand.

Our Pricing

From solopreneurs to established startups - businesses power imports with csvbox.

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The CSV Import Button for SaaS

Way more than a file uploader - a complete import service.

Multiple File Types

Accept csv, xlsx and xls - the most common spreadsheet formats.

Column Matching

Let users match the columns of their files with the required data model schema.

Data Validation

Client side validation based on predefined sheet rules allows users to self clean data before upload.

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.

No Code Config

Configure the data model and validation options via dashboard with no change in installed code.


Push CSV data directly to your app via API. More destinations coming soon.

Import Links

Share special links to accept files without the need to embed the widget.

Custom Attributes

Attach custom fields such as user_id to the incoming data to identify the users.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.


GDPR ready with built-in product features for greater privacy and data control.

Get all the features you need,
manage all the CSV imports you have
for a fraction of the price!