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How does CSVBox compare with Dromo? What's the best spreadsheet import platform? What is the best alternative to Discover why CSVBox is a great alternative to Dromo.

Looking for Dromo alternatives?

Dromo was founded in 2019 by Ankit Goyal and Ayush Sood. It is currently led by CEO Dave Fort. The team at Dromo has built a smart import assistant automating data import workflows. As per Crunchbase Dromo has received Seed funding.

CSVBox and Dromo have many features in common and both offer affordable pricing. Still, If you're looking for an alternative to Dromo, here are some reasons you should consider when looking over Dromo.

CSVBox vs Dromo

CSVbox provides more features at an affordable price.

Basic Import Functionality
No Code Schema Builder
Multiple Data Destinations
Data Manipulation
Validation Hookscoming soon
Data Localization Options
Import Speedfastslow for large data
SOC 2coming soon
Intuitive for Usersmoderate complexity
Pricingfrom $9 / monthfrom $250 / month

Our Pricing

From solopreneurs to established startups - businesses power imports with csvbox.

SheetsData templatesunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Rows per Import510010K50K100K500K
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The CSV Import Button for SaaS

Way more than a file uploader - a complete import service.

Multiple File Types

Accept csv, xlsx and xls - the most common spreadsheet formats.

Column Matching

Let users match the columns of their files with the required data model schema.

Data Validation

Client side validation based on predefined sheet rules allows users to self clean data before upload.

Sleek UX

The simplistic widget UI makes a file upload painless and intuitive.

Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.

No Code Config

Configure the data model and validation options via dashboard with no change in installed code.


Push CSV data directly to your app via API. More destinations coming soon.

Import Links

Share special links to accept files without the need to embed the widget.

Custom Attributes

Attach custom fields such as user_id to the incoming data to identify the users.

Event Hooks

Setup webhook listeners to receive alerts about widget events such as import complete.

Data Security

End to end encryption for user data in transit as well as at rest.


GDPR ready with built-in product features for greater privacy and data control.

Get all the features you need,
manage all the CSV imports you have
for a fraction of the price!